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  1. Always handle the hair gently.  Use a brush designed for extensions like a loop brush, denim brush or a wide tooth comb. In order to eliminate tangling and minimize shedding, brush or comb the hair (working in small sections) from the tips to the roots. (Closures especially need to be handled gently.)

  2.  Curly and Natural/Body Waves need to be handled more carefully than Straight hair to maintain moisture and to minimize breakage and shedding. Brush very gently.

  3. .Curly and Kinky hair should be kept moisturized with leave-in conditioners and curl activators to minimize dryness, frizzles or tangling. Never comb Curly and Kinky hair unless it is wet and saturated with conditioner.

  4. Do not use excessive heat (blow dryer or flat iron) as this will cause split ends and lead to breakage. Maintain your style by wrapping Straight hair, twisting/braiding Curly hair, and covering with a silk scarf/bonnet at night.

**If the weft is cut for installation you must seal the ends; unsealed ends WILL shed.


  1. Wash and condition the hair before installation.  Wash with luke warm water as hot water will dry out the hair.  Always use SULPHATE FREE products as they do not strip the hair of essential oils that keep it supple and shiny. Conditioning is absolutely necessary to keep the hair well moisturized and soft. Co-washing (washing with conditioner only)  is our best recommendation for maintaining and extending the life of your hair.

  2. After washing gently blot excess water with a towel, apply  a little leave-in conditioner and let air dry or blow dry on low. When styling with a flat iron always use a heat protecting serum. Use the minimal amount of styling product to get the best results.



Always use a professional colorist when coloring the hair. 



-Deep wave and Water Wave 


1. Part the hair in two even parts.

2.Put water in a spray bottle with a little bit of conditioner.

3.Shake the bottle.

4. Spray onto one part of hair.

5.Evenly comb the hair, make hair is damp but not to wet. 

6. Braid the damp part in two (twist)

7. Repeat steps 4-6 on the other side of the hair.

8.Put hair in a bonnet to secure the braids so they do not unravel (un-braid).


-Deep Wave and Water Wave 


1. Remove Bonnet.

2. Unravel one braid. 

3. Run your fingers through it gently.

4. Apply minimum curling oil, virgin oil, curl custard, Anti-frizz spray, or curls activator to ends. 

5. Run you hand through your hair to spread spread out product (you can also use a wide tooth comb).

6.Repeat step 2-5 to the other side with braid.

7. If you used your hand to apply the product you can rub you across you whole hair to add shine to it.

Straight Hair & All Other Textures:

For straight, it really easy to maintain; it actually very low maintenance! Quick tip, to not damage the hair always apply heat protectant onto hair when you are going to apply heat to it. This also applies for the other textures. Not only do the heat protectant protects the hair it also give a little shine to the hair.

** Always keep in mind, you invested in this hair so you should treat the hair as if it was your natural hair!

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